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SCADpro + Char-Broil

Char-Broil is a privately run family business based in Columbus, GA. The company works in outdoor cooking, fishing, outdoor lighting, and real estate with a global footprint in retail and manufacturing. 

*This project is the property of Char-Broil

Our brief was to better understand what the market and outdoor cooking experience would look like in 2029 when the target consumer would be Gen Z.

We delivered design criteria, sketches, and renders built from data driven insights. These would later be presented to members of Char-Broil at the executive level.


prefer Snapchat and Instagram

prefer brands that feel authentic 

mobile natives

focus on saving money

tend to be pragmatic 

grew up during the recession

Key Insights

willing to learn how to cook other cuisine 

too much smoke is a problem

cleaning outside is inconvenient

lack knowledge about grilling

environmentally sustainable products

grilling is a social activity

want a versatile cooking experience

see themselves living in a city

want value in a product

want quick prep and cooking experience


34 YRS, Olympia WA

Tech savvy
Maximum value
Diverse cuisines

Pain Points:
Lack of portability
Lack of versatility
Inexperienced griller
Unfavorable weather

Ethan works as a Senior Data Engineer for a big corporate firm in Olympia WA. He lives in a big 
suburban house with his wife, two kids and their two cats. Ethan enjoys spending time with his family on weekends and they often go camping. Ethan does his best to help the environment by driving an electric car.


Pain Points:
Small space
Waiting for new tech

Integrated tech
Cool aesthetic
New cooking styles
Next generation fuel
Quick clean

30 YRS, Austin TX

Aaron lives in a high-rise apartment with his wife. He works as a lifestyle YouTube influencer 
primarily focusing on food and travel. He loves sharing what he is up to with his followers and makes sure he has the best, newest and the top trending gadgets the market has to offer.


32 YRS, Chicago IL

New weekend activities
Quick clean and prep
Social media activity

Pain Points:
Grilling is expensive
Small space
Inexperienced griller

Alex is sharing a house with two friends and their dog in the city. She likes to hang out with friends over the weekend playing board games and bar hopping. Alex loves food and primarily uses the stove and oven to cook. She has never grilled before but is open to new experiences. However, she has a tight budget.


Pain Points:
Clean up

Maximum value
Meat friendly grill
Loves charcoal flavor
Efficient product
Good quality

32 YRS, Nevada

Jack is a ranch hand who lives in a small town in Nevada. He lives a simple life and has strong 
traditional values. He enjoys grilling with his family on the weekends. He often has friends over for grilling parties. Jack also goes to sports events with his friends and family. 


secondary research



grill assembly 


sketching with insights

user testing 





final sketches and renderings

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