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Colony Brands Internship

Colony Brands is a mail order and electronic retail company. Their catalogs sell a range of different items such as food, electronics, furniture, and decor.

As a Colony Brands product design intern, I designed 36 products, 23 of which will be in four of the company's catalogs in 2020 and 2021. 

During my internship I...

  • Worked in textiles, furniture, kitchenware and decor

  • Communicated with merchants to create products that met the wants and needs of the customer 

  • Collaborated with the sourcing teams to design products that met manufacturing and budget needs for our factories 

  • Wrote technical specifications for production

Colony Brands Internship

eclectic styles

emphasis on decor

one-of-a-kind finds

Modern trends with country style
decor, furniture, linens

name brand kitchen products, bedding, furniture, and

home decor

kitchen products
bright colors
space solutions

Bittersweet Sheet Set
Country Door Fall '20

The textile team wanted an organic, repeating bittersweet pattern for an updated fall look. Initially, I started with leaves and sprigs for a more organic look, but it progressed to a more simple look that could translate

well as embroidery.

Inspiration images

Three of several iterations 

Digital rendering with Pantones
1 full repeat, 15"

Final strike off

Hazel Quilt
Country Door Fall '20

The top of bed team wanted a fall floral design for a quilt in a panel layout. Though I am skilled in many mediums of fine art, I picked components from the collection of Shutterstock art they had chosen. Country Door's quilts are usually smaller repeat patterns - our hope was that this large scale panel design will be a refreshing

new look for our customer.

Inspiration images

Two iterations

Quilt template 

Digital rendering 

Country Buggy Console 
Country Door Fall '21

The furniture team wanted a new side table for Country Door. I created this design using Rhino, incorporating more storage space and adding extra details like the side handle and panels

on top to make it more unique.

Inspiration image



CAD model

2020 Christmas Cookie Jar 
Country Door Fall '20

The dinnerware team wanted a special edition "Christmas barn" cookie jar for Winter 2020. I incorporated details from the inspiration image on every side of the cookie jar so that it could be put anywhere in the kitchen and be appreciated from every angle.

Inspiration image

Digital rendering

Sample products 

Seasonal Directional Signs 
Country Door Fall '20

The seasonal decor team wanted three directional signs for Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas for Country Door that can be hanged

on the wall or staked into the ground.

Digital rendering

Digital renderings 

Sample products 

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