Friendlies is a two part therapy toy that incorporates a customizable stuffed animal and smartphone app.

How can we use today's technology to create an interactive therapy tool for children?


Secondary research

  • Showed more than half of children in U.S. had smartphone by age 11 

Primary research

  • Survey responses indicated touch and scent were     very important

  • Stuffed animals were the most comforting toy

Market testing

  • Soft materials were the most desirable

  • Saturated colors were the most popular  

  • The most favored shape was a rounded body with shorter limbs and longer ears 

rise of smartphone use in children

rise of mental health awareness 

touch and scent are very important.

little use of smell

lack of integration between tech and toys

customization is common

children responded to soft textures 

children like bright colors 

children like simple, rounded shapes



5 YRS 

Jamie gets sent to the principal's office               frequently. His teacher says he is disruptive in class and doesn't pay attention during lessons. Jamie often has meltdowns when he gets home from school. He likes to make up stories and act them out with his toys.

Pain Points:
Lack of focus
Trouble following directions


8 YRS 

Harper's parents are in the middle of a tough 
divorce and she's been staying with her                grandmother. Harper has been withdrawn and having angry outbursts. Her grandma tries talking to her without success. Harper spends most of her time drawing in her room.

Self expression
Better focus 
Fewer disruptive behaviors

Self expression
Anger management 
Self esteem 

Pain Points:
No communication 
Anger issues

User Needs

There are different choices for the eyes and mouth 

There is one shirt that is drawn on and other with attachable shapes 

The stuffed animal has a calming lavender scent

The stuffed animal has

soft fur

The attachable tshirt shapes have different textures 

The stuffed animal incorporates bright colors 

The app allows the user to do therapy exercises

at home

The app sends the results to the therapist to review

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